Monoblock Liquid Filler and Capper

CVC F0804

CVC F0804 Monoblock liquid filler and capper adapts high performance servo technologies, that provides fast, precise liquid filling and capping.

During the liquid filling process, bottles are carried through the filling area by servo driven feed screw and the liquid filling nozzles are mounted on a walking beam mechanism, which allows to track the movement of bottles for diving type filling in continuous motion. Once the filling process is complete, the filled bottles will continuously travel to rotary capping system. High speed liquid filling and capping jobs are accomplished in one machine.


  • 8 volumetric piston pumps.
  • 4 capping heads.
  • Diving type filling mechanism: filling nozzles dip into bottles and move up while liquid is being filled. It features less foaming during filling.
  • Servo driven on both volumetric pistons and nozzles.
  • Flexible adjustments can meet different product characteristics and bottle shapes.
  • Various speed settings of liquid filling & capping.
  • Capability of recipe storage.
  • Simple and quick teach mode setup.
  • Track full/ track empty sensors.
  • Bottle mouth holder design for special applications (requires to conduct our R and D evaluation).
  • PLC control with user-friendly touch screen panel.
  • Motorized single lane sanitary conveyor. Customized conveyor lengths are available upon request.
  • Main capping turret rotation is driven by an advanced servo motor; its up/down is driven by an AC motor, A cam drive system is used to move the capping head up and down, applicable for a variety of caps. The capping heads adapt magnetic mechanism to control precise capping torque.
  • Capping torque inspection system.
  • Type 304 stainless steel bin, frame, enclosure panels.
  • Type 316L stainless steel and FDA approved liquid contact parts.
  • ISO 9001 : 2015 certified.
CVC F0804
CVC F0804
8 filling stations and 4 capping heads
8 filling stations and 4 capping heads
CVC F0804
CVC F0804
CVC F0804
CVC F0804
EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor (AOA) Speed up operation and maintenance reduce human errors
EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor (AOA) Speed up operation and maintenance reduce human errors
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CVC Rotary Servo Capping Systems are available for the following types of capping applications:

  • Plastic Screw-on caps
  • Snap-on caps
  • Push-in stoppers, and plugs


  • Various sizes of volumetric pistons with fill volume capacity range from 20 ml up to 500 ml
  • Shut-off nozzles
  • 1-on-8 manifold pipe
  • Liquid buffer/storage tanks
  • 21 CFR PART 11 compliance
  • OPC UA for data collection
  • Bottle neck holders
  • Bottle feed screw
  • EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor (AOA)



Technical data contained in this material are not binding and may be subject to change without prior notice.

Technical Specifications CVC F0804 Technical Specifications
No. of Filling Heads 8
No. of Capping Heads 4
Max. Productivity Up to 100 BPM (subject to trial confirmation)
Applicable Size Bottle Dia.: Ø30-70mm (1 ¼” to 2 ¾”)
Bottle Height: 65-165mm (2 ⅝” to 6 ½”)
Mouth Opening: Ø 10-15mm (adapts 6.5mm fill nozzle(s))
Mouth Opening: over Ø 15mm (adapts 13mm fill nozzle(s))
Cap Dia.: Ø30-60mm (1 ¼” to 2 ¼”)
Cap Height: 13-28mm (½” to 1 ⅛”)
Power source 380 V, 50/60 HZ, 3 PH
Power Consumption 11,010 VA (25 A)
Air Pressure 6 bar (87 psi)
Air Consumption 200 NL/min (7.2 CFM)
Consumption Machine Dimensions 4,800 x 1,419 x 2,250 mm (15’-9“ x 4’-8” x 7’-5”)
Viscosity 2,000 cps
Filling Range & Precision 20-500 ml
Machine Weight 3,450 kg (7,605 lbs)
Noise Level ≤ 80 dB


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