Induction Capsealer

CVC 2000-TS

The CVC 2000-TS induction cap sealing system is used to apply a hermetic seal over the mouth of a jar or bottle. These seals can provide evidence of tampering, preserve freshness, prevent pilferage, and provide leakage protection during handling or shipping.

A special plastic cap containing an aluminum foil disk is used. After the cap is screwed onto the bottle, it is passed beneath an induction sealing coil. This coil radiates an electromagnetic field, which causes the aluminum disk to heat up. A coating laminated to this disk softens and is fused to the mouth of the bottle.


  • Compact Design, easy for integrated with bottle packaging line to proceed foil sealing for bottles
  • 5.7” Color Touch Screen, easy for operation and adjustment
  • Microprocessor control system to ensure the quality stability
  • Allows output to follow conveyor speed
  • Output Power: 2.25KW
  • Password Protected Settings available
  • Event Log - can save 4,000 machine production events
  • 20 Recipes memory for quick access of product information
  • Control Panel is available as IP65-ready for complete protectionagainst wash-down routines in packaging line environments.
CVC  2000-TS
CVC 2000-TS
Sealing Head
Sealing Head
CVC  2000-TS
CVC 2000-TS
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  • Stalled bottle, missing foil, loose cap detection
  • Reject device with verification
  • Infeed bottle stop gate
  • 3- color tower lamp
  • Proportional speed contro
  • Computer interface control
  • CE model



The dimensions shown are for standard machine. The conveyor can be extended: the length may vary based on selected options. This machine can run independently or be integrated into an automated packaging line. All CVC equipment is covered by a one-year parts warranty. Full Warranty details are included in our equipment proposals or can be found on our website.

Technical Specifications CVC 2000-TS Technical Specifications
Max. Productivity Up to 150 BPM (subject to trial confirmation)
Applicable Size Cap Dia.: Ø30-110 mm (1 ¼"- 4 ¼")
Power source 220V, 50/60 HZ, 1 PH
Power Consumption 2,250 VA (10.2 A)
Air Pressure 6 bar (87 psi)
Air Consumption 100 NL/min (3.5 CFM)
Consumption Machine Dimensions 792 x 932 x 1,506 mm (2’-7” x 3’-1” x 4’-11”)
Machine Weight 160 kg [353 lbs]
Noise Level ≤ 78 dB


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